Premiere 24. a 25. 11. 2023


Three performances in one evening. Three different approaches. Three authors from three continents. A triple bill evening with 3 premieres in one.

Martin Kilvády / Golden End

Martin Kilvády’s dance performance sees dance as a craft. Skill. The ability to create a story out of movement.

The dancer’s body as an orchestra. The choreographer is a composer. Each part of the body is an instrument that has its representation in the musical body. It is important even when it is silent (not moving). It waits for its opportunity. For the right moment to sound.

The dancer’s body as a sculpture. Working with the form of the body is like human sculpting. Muscle tension, body texture and dynamics create a work of art.

The dancer as an actor. The control of expression and the ability to create emotion in the moment. Here and now.

Dancers in constant improvisation create a harmonic unit of dance craft. Sometimes dramatic, sometimes funny, sometimes poetic, sometimes sad.

The music for the piece is created by cellist Jozef Lupták. In a momentary inspiration and in dialogue with the dancers.

Every evening is different.

Indira Chamalé Ortiz / Filomena

A performance that explores themes close to the author’s heart through the character of Filomena, a young migrant woman.

The performance is set in the context of Mexico during the Guerra Cristero period in 1935. The main character is the young and mysterious Filomena, who with her family has fled the violence in Veracruz to settle in a remote village. Her family of musicians struggles to find a new meaning in life on the farm.

Through Filomena’s point of view, the production reveals how the family deals with their history and also copes with their new reality. Feelings of confusion, disapproval of the violence around her, and a longing for freedom are the main themes of Filomena’s dance story.

Told through dance and movement, the story follows Filomena’s journey towards freedom and her own identity.

Cindy Ng / Nirvana

Nine Worlds [九界] Nine of the ten worlds; those that are different from the world of Buddhism.

Nirvana [涅槃] Enlightenment is the ultimate goal of Buddhist practice. The Sanskrit word nirvāna means “blown away” and is variously translated as dissolution (disappearance), emancipation (liberation), cessation (“the end”), tranquility (inactivity), or non-rebirth.

From the perspective of the Lotus Sutra, birth and death are two inseparable phases of eternal life. One can attain the state of nirvana in their present form as an ordinary person who has earthly desires and undergoes the sufferings of birth and death.

Our suffering mostly comes from being self-centered. We are conscious of what is past, present and future. Nirvana is now and even then. It is always within us. But do we feel it

Cindy Ng’s work often deals with questions of life and death and how to understand them. She explores them from the perspective of her native religion, Buddhism. Nirvana is a work of deep meaning. What do you find in it?

Artistic team (Golden End)

Martin Kilvády / choreography
Jozef Lupták / music
Kim Ceysens / assistance of choreography
Ján Čief / light design
Ivana Macková / set and costumes
Katarína Sviteková / costume production

Performers (Golden End)

Michaela Mirtová
Jason Yap
Tibor Trulik
Cindy Ng
Indira Chamalé
Diego Álvarez Sanóu

Artistic team (Nirvana)

Cindy Ng / choreography, concept and interpretation
Zebastián Méndez Marín, Jason Yap / assistance of dramaturgy
Ivana Macková / visual cooperation
Barbora Hrmová / costumes
Lukáš Kubičina / sound mix
Ján Čief / light design

Special thanks: Maja Danadová

Artistic team (Filomena)

Indira Habana Chamalé Ortiz / choreography and interpretation
Claudio Padilla Orantes / dramaturgy
Ivana Macková / visual cooperation
Ján Čief / light design
Concierto de Aranjuez „Adagio“  / cooperation

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