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Divadlo Štúdio tanca

Divadlo Štúdio tanca is the only professional theatre in Slovakia dedicated to contemporary dance with a permanent artistic ensemble.

Divadlo Štúdio tanca is the only professional theatre in Slovakia dedicated to contemporary dance with a permanent artistic ensemble. In Banská Bystrica for almost a quarter of a century it has been creating original dance productions, teaching movement courses for children and adults, organising dance festivals, providing artistic residencies and producing many other activities and events that bring contemporary dance closer to the public. Its varied repertoire of works for the discerning, as well as for children’s audiences, is performed on the domestic stage, as well as on tours at home and abroad. It is based, creates and performs in its own fully equipped building, which is home to an international artistic ensemble of dancers and movers from three continents. Throughout its existence, it has been bringing up-to-date art, people and atmosphere from all over the world to the city, and it doesn’t intend to stop doing so.
Divadlo Štúdio tanca


Since its inception in 1998, Divadlo Štúdio tanca has been blazing a trail of original work that respects artists in their creative expression and opinion. It continuously supports the creation of original dance productions and their regular performances. Thanks to her perseverance, timeless vision and artistic uncompromisingness, Zuzana Ďuricová Hájková has managed to build the only professional contemporary dance theatre with a permanent company in Slovakia.

The effort to create a fully-fledged background for the activities of the artistic company finally materialised in 2011 with the construction of the theatre itself, which meets the necessary parameters for the presentation of artistic works of contemporary dance, as well as other related activities. The theatre has its own two-storey building with a fully equipped theatre hall, three dance studios, an administrative area, a theatre café and spacious grounds.


In 2022, the new management – Lucia Kašiarová (Director) and Zebastián Méndez Marín (Artistic Director) continue to maintain the original idea of the theatre, with a focus on self-creation and public presentation of original dance and other contemporary art works, as well as the operation of a strong international company.

They embrace as a new challenge the opportunity to expand the artistic, educational, social and partnership potential that the theatre provides. The aim is to expand the theatre’s varied activities towards an international stage as well as to apply its expertise on a local level. Thus, in addition to repertory work, the theatre’s programme has expanded to include more active presentation of visiting and partner companies or individuals and the creation of flexible artistic formats that respond to the needs of the artistic community and society. With a firm local anchorage in the heart of the Slovak scene, we want to be actively connected to the artistic map of Europe.

Our goal is to make the theater an unmissable point, a dynamic crossroads connecting the cultural and artistic trajectories of Slovakia, where quality contemporary dance is presented all year round. Dance that represents current world trends while preserving our unique identity. In the harmony of the artistic and administrative team, we strive to offer the audience interesting events and activities, and on their basis to flexibly construct an attractive leisure space for all those interested (not only) in contemporary art.


Divadlo Štúdio tanca has been operating in Banská Bystrica since 1999 as the only established contemporary dance theatre in Slovakia. Movement and dance have been our means of communication for a quarter of a century. We use this “language” for creation, education, production and promotion of dance at home and abroad. Our mission is to maintain Divadlo Štúdio tanca as a stable point for the dance scene, to produce quality original work and to expand the community around contemporary dance. But our role is also to actively inspire. To seek and prepare new projects. With humility and curiosity, with determination and creativity.

But our task is also to actively inspire. Search and prepare new projects. With humility and curiosity, with determination and creativity...


We want to become a mecca of contemporary dance in Slovakia. We want to inspire the artistic community and be a pillar in the field of dance creation and research, performance art and outreach projects. We want to be a space full of dance in its various forms and developments. Relevant point. A reliable guarantee of quality and creative energy.

We want to educate our audience, who will be happy to come back to us. We want to be an organisation that reflects society through art. We want to continue to provide space for residencies, movement and dance classes. We want to move the world.

We want to shake the whole world.


Looking to the near future with a focus on relevance, we are open to meaningful long-term partnerships, as we see collaboration as an opportunity for the sustainable development of our organisation as well as the healthy functioning of the arts and culture scene.