Dance Days


The International festival Dance days presents diverse approaches in contemporary dance.

Dance Days 2023

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Origin and focus

The festival was initiated by the dance personality Zuzana Hájková and continues to be organized by Divadlo Štúdio tanca under the direction of Lucia Kašiarová and Zebastián Méndez Marín. The festival represents a diverse range of dance works and artistic approaches with different poetics, visuals, themes and especially movement. We see movement and dance as an artistic expression, a means that can communicate, mobilize and connect different economic, social, linguistic and cultural communities. Even in the difficult environmental and social challenges of today, it is important for us to highlight the importance of dance and human movement in society.

The Dance Days festival is an opportunity for us to celebrate dance in its broadest forms and make it accessible to everyone.


is a universal language with which every human being communicates. Movement is the expression of every body. It is the authentic, primal way we use in an effort to understand each other. Humans have codified movement into the form of dance, which has accompanied human social expression since forever.. Dance is there for every body, for every being. Contemporary dance goes back to the basic movement principles used in various forms in works of art. This return to naturalness is the reason why different bodies appear on stage; artists are interested in every body. The festival does not seek to represent only the perfect bodies of the dancers. We want to show diversity.

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