Audience Development

We would love to have our theatre filled with audiences who will keep coming back.

And develop a feeling for art together with us.  We want to give back to our audiences the energy they bring to our events. To improve our critical thinking skills together. Audience Development is a program at Studio Dance Theatre designed to give its audiences the opportunity to learn more about our work, engage in discussion, and develop a relationship with the theatre and its mission.

What do we offer

Presentations "Work in progress"

A work in progress is a presentation that is presented at a certain stage of development, before it is presented in its final form. At Studio Dance Theatre, the performance of work in progress is followed by a public discussion with the intention of getting feedback from you, our audience. This then influences the further development of the work.

Dance courses and workshops

In addition to regular dance lessons, we run workshops for schools and the public, which we can tailor to suit everyone. 

From school children (6 years and upwards), to teenagers, to mature adults. We always tailor the content, format and length to suit the individual abilities and needs of the group.

What do we offer

At Studio Dance Theatre we open dance classes to the public every year. We welcome children from 4 years old to adults.

Through movement and creative games, children learn about dance. Adult classes focus on floor work and improvisational techniques. Courses are divided into two semesters, winter and summer. At the end of each semester, members of the courses can participate in a public event Skaderuka, skadenoha, where we show off the work we have done during the 5 months.

Festival Creative Days

On the basis of long-term cooperation with Slovak conservatories we organize the festival Creative Days aimed at educating students, teachers and their communities. Our emphasis is on sustainable and vibrant outcomes that will continue to resonate in everyday pedagogical practice, in the artistic outputs of the participating institutions, and in each and every participant.

Community activities

We like to stay in touch with our audience. We regularly put on community activities involving dance, movement and activities for all ages.

Meet & greet

Discussions, meetings and lectures of the creators and team members behind the projects presented at the Studio Dance Theatre. We and our audience want to understand the work better, to have a deeper insight into the creative process or to get to know the authors of the projects better.

The Ballroom

Regular dance evenings at the Studio of Dance Theatre. Audiences can develop physically and physically in an informal atmosphere with our dancers. To good music and no inhibitions.

Contemporary what?

In order to make our work, our way of working and contemporary dance itself as accessible as possible, we invented the format Contemporary What? We travel around the regions with it and thus develop our audience beyond the Central Slovakia region.

Residential stays

Residencies push us, the artists, and our community and audience. Residencies often result in a work-in-progress output, so that the audience can see the process of making, and can influence it with their questions, opinions, and reactions.