Open calls

Divadlo Štúdio tanca opens its doors!

We strive to fulfill our role as an arts organization that supports the emergence of original artistic work on a local and international level.

Our aim is to encourage an auteur approach to the arts and to provide our spaces for the creation associated with it. We are aware that there are not enough professional spaces for work in this field in Slovakia and therefore we want to contribute to the diversity of quality work in the field of contemporary art in this way.

Current calls


We love independent culture and we want to show it to our audience, in our spaces. As part of the ARTGANG challenge, we are bringing productions from creative art groups. We will combine the pleasant with the useful: we will learn something new, we will expand our collaboration with other cultural organisations and we will bring the audience a programme that we think is important to see.

Residency program 2024

The results of the open call for Residency Programmes at Divadlo Štúdio tanca 2024 will be announced on 15 January 2024. We are delighted to announce that 129 projects from 33 countries around the world have applied. Thank you!

The Artgang call is open
all year round!

After reviewing the applications, we will contact the selected projects.
Implementation: during the playing season of the theatre and as agreed by both parties.


Selected projects will receive a 50% discount on the theatre space rental fee and 50% of admission revenue.

As part of the ArtGANG challenge we presented:

  • Neskorý zber: Vráskanie
  • Liptovské divadlo tanca: Čakanie… Na?… Keď?!
  • Divadlo NUDE: Brutto
  • Soňa Ferienčíková /SK/, Mária Júdová /SK/, Alexandra Timpau /RO/CZ/: INBETWEEN 
  • mimoOs&kol.: TETSU
  • Med a prach: Nezaujímavý krik (krehká história jednotlivca)
  • Radical Empathy: Faidrós
  • Bartosz Przybylski & David Javorský: 4 slová o…
  • tanc o.z.: Džavot
  • Lucia Holinová: Sen