25. January 2024
15. June 2024
Premiere 22.3 a 23. 3. 2024


re-member is a creation of the collective Honey and Dust (Andrej Kalinka and Milan Kozánek), which they created for the artistic ensemble of Divadlo Štúdio tanca.

The scenic artwork with elements of polyphony is the first collaboration of Honey and Dust with an exclusively dance ensemble. In the piece, they work with their underlying theme of the meaning of human action.

Where are you running to? Why are you screaming? What are you looking at? Do you know? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Imagine a world in which you are running, screaming, talking, looking, but you have no idea why. Global amnesia has set in. Everyone is on autopilot, no one understands the meaning of their actions. We all go on because we have not forgotten. But still we want to remember.

I remember! Remember! I am a member. Member of what? I don’t remember

No one asks how to begin. Because they’ve already started. By being here, they are awakened, tehy perceive, they realize. I’m asking it, so I’m not at the beginning anymore. But I feel that only now I am beginning. I want to start, but I don’t know how to start. I don’t know what to begin. I don’t know how. I don’t know what has already been.

Duration: 70 min.
Suitable for people 15 and up

Artistic team

Andrej Kalinka & Milan Kozánek (Med a prach) / direction
Milan Kozánek / choreography
Andrej Kalinka
/ music, libretto
Lívia Balážová MM / assistence of choreography
Milan Kozánek, Andrej Kalinka / costumes, objects
Ivana Mackovávisual cooperation
Ján Čief / light design


Tibor Trulik
Michaela Mirtová
Diego Álvarez Sanóu
Indira Chamalé
Cindy Ng
Jason Yap

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Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council
With the financial support of the Banská Bystrica Self-Governing Region

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