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11. November 2023
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13. November 2023
Premiere 16. and 17. 12. 2022

Horror Vacui

Horror Vacui was created at Divadlo Štúdio tanca in December 2022. It is a unique work based on the methods of reuse and recycle art.

These methods may be well known in other fields, but they are quite unique in the context of contemporary dance.

Horror Vacui is thus a kind of a conflation of three works by the Amplio Espectro group. Its member is Arturo Lugo, set designer and choreographer, who laid the foundations of Horror Vacui during the few weeks he spent with our artistic team at the theater. Why the foundations? Because Horror Vacui is an open source work that we can and will continue to develop and adapt according to the needs of space, audience, performers… you could say you will never see the same Horror Vacui. So feel free to see it many times.


Running time: 45 minutes
Suitable for children aged 3 and up.

Artistic team

 Arturo Lugo – Amplio Espectro
/ Concept and choreography
tun_projekt_studio / Costumes and set design
Arturo Lugo, Andrej Fábik / Lighting design
Santiago Blaum / Music


Tibor Trulik
Michaela Mirtová
Diego Álvarez Sanóu
Indira Chamalé Ortiz
Cindy Ng

About Amplio Espectro

This is a transdisciplinary project created by Joshua Sanchéz, Valentina Ayluardo and Arturo Lugo in the fall of 2013 in Mexico City. The project seeks to build creative processes that explore the possibilities of the body, movement, image, objects and spaces from different perspectives and languages. The Amplio Espectro team is diverse and therefore their projects cross disciplines in an intuitive, reflective and educational way. Since 2013 Amplio Espectro has been creating works in different forms of collaboration and creative processes; performances, installations, graphic interventions, photography, video and installations presented in different spaces nationally and internationally such as Aura Dance Festival (Lithuania), Museo Jumex (Mexico), Internationales Zentrum für Tanz und Bewegungskunst fabrik Potsdam (Germany) and Festival Onésimo González (Mexico).

Arturo Lugo

Graduated from Centro de Educación Artística “Luis Spota Saavedra” and Escuela Profesional de Danza de Mazatlán EPDM, he was part of Diplomado Interacciones in Oaxaca City, he was a Fondo Nacional de Cultura y Artes (FONCA) scholarship recipient 2011 -2012. He received a scholarship from Akademie der Künste to be part of the Young Academy 2017-2018 program in Berlin, Germany.

Since 2011, he has worked as a performer, art director, costume designer and lighting designer for various art projects in Mexico, Germany and the United States. Since 2013 he has been creating and co-directing the Amplio Espectro project, the cultural organization LA SANTA CULPA and since 2014 the studio tun_projekt. Arturo Lugo also coordinates the ATLAS laboratory /maps-images and movement/, where he also teaches.

Since 2014 he is part of the creative team and producer of the INTERNATIONAL MUSICAL ARTS FESTIVAL Cuatro x Cuatro: FESTIVAL4x4 directed by Shanti Vera in Mexico.

The collaboration between Arturo Lugo and Dance Studio Theatre is important to us because:


1) It works in an “open source” way – i.e. the “ownership” of the work does not belong to a particular person or collective, but is equally “owned” by all. In the same way that inspiration and influence (with) each other is elusive and untraceable, authorship of art can be problematic. At our theater, we believe that knowledge springs from art and should be equally accessible to all without distinction. It is with this performance that we want to draw attention to the aforementioned fact and at the same time offer the principle of sharing as an alternative starting point for several human and societal issues.

2) The call for environmentalism and sustainability is becoming louder and louder, and the art world is no exception. The creation of Horror Vacui, together with our artistic ensemble, will be largely the responsibility of Arturo Lugo – one artist who, in addition to choreography, will also be responsible for adapting lighting design, set design and costumes from the original performances, with the support of our technical and production team, without the need to travel overseas with other co-creators. This makes the whole process more eco-friendly. The re-use system will present us with recycled ideas from the Amplio Espectro collective from the past (unknown in our context), from which we will create a new piece.

3) The work Horror Vacui carries elements of art installation, object theatre, contemporary dance, and works with them equally on a horizontal line. The resulting form thus speaks equally to gallery-goers, fans of post-dramatic and visual theatre, and movement art. By working with different media at the same time, we want to inspire a transdisciplinary dialogue and stimulate mutual collaboration between artistic spheres. Banská Bystrica is home to creators from different artistic fields, the work Horror Vacui will create a crossroads for their perception of each other.

Horror Vacui - trailer

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The event is held with the financial support of the Banská Bystrica Self-Governing Region.

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