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25. January 2024
25. January 2024
Premiere 24. 11. a 25. 11. 2023


Nine Worlds [九界] Nine of the ten worlds; those that are different from the world of Buddhism.

Nirvana [涅槃] Enlightenment is the ultimate goal of Buddhist practice. The Sanskrit word nirvāna means “blown away” and is variously translated as extinction (vanish), emancipation (freeing), cessation (the end), quiescence (inactivity), or non-rebirth.

From the perspective of the Lotus Sutra, birth and death are two inseparable phases of eternal life. Hinayana Buddhism teaches that the final goal can only be attained at death. Our suffering mostly comes from being self-centered. We are aware of what is past, present and future. Nirvana is now and even then. It is always within us. But do we feel it?

Cindy Ng’s work often deals with questions of life and death, of understanding. She explores them from the perspective of her native religion, Buddhism. Nirvana is a work with a deep meaning that can mean something different to each viewer. What will you find in it?

Duration: 17 minutes
Suitable for children 5 and up

Artistic team

Cindy Ng / Choreography, concept and performance
Zebastián Méndez Marín, Jason Yap / Assistents of dramaturgy
Ivana Macková / Artistic cooperation
Barbora Hrmová / Costumes
Lukáš Kubičina / Sound mix
Ján Čief / Light design

Nirvana - trailer

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The event is held with the financial support of the Banská Bystrica Self-Governing Region.

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