14. November 2023
Golden end
25. January 2024
Premiere 5. 5. 2023


QUAKE format takes Divadlo Štúdio tanca into new, non-theatre spaces.

We show that dance transcends the boundaries of its discipline, its home stage.

QUAKE are shorter formats created directly by members of the company’s artistic ensemble and are based on their dramaturgical and choreographic concepts.


Running time: 60+ min.
Suitable for children aged 6 and up.

Tibor Trulik // MaD (performers: Michaela Mirtová and Diego Álvarez Sanóu)

Space as an intimate zone, a place of play, conflict, love. How do we interact with each other in it? What happens to our individuality, to our experience and existence with the arrival of a new life energy? Two people create a new dynamic that gradually becomes an immutable part of a distinct existence. MaD deals with issues of partnership, cohabitation and the changes in the different spaces of individual life that inevitably come with the proximity of bodies.

Tibor Trulik // Interactive Ball (solo)

This dance work uses the ball as a symbol of our planet to achieve collaboration and intergalactic encounter. The ball yearns for play, communication and connection, in order to create a better place on Earth. The choreography emphasizes playfulness, openness and spontaneity. The ball serves to connect and create a better understanding between worlds. The interactive ball inspires collaboration and communication and delivers a message of hope for a better future for the planet.

Indira Chamalé // Oquedad (solo)

The animal in the city has been confronted with death all its life. Death affects its physical and emotional transformations. After overcoming grief, a sense of freedom re-emerges and creates a new momentum. It is there, among the embers, the mud or even the asphalt, that a flower can bloom. Oquedad is a physical research based on repetition that seeks to create movement, spatial and rhythmic codes. It uses written and spoken text (whether authored or not) as a resource for the development of physicality, performativity and narrative construction. Grieving is the process by which we learn to forget. It is an experience in which we learn to remember with gratitude and without pain the life we shared with someone who, in their passing, challenges us to change the way we live. Priceless is life. Life is worthless. It begins with weeping and ends with weeping.

Cindy Ng // Heart Habitus (solo)

Heart Habitus deals with the idea that even bodily organs have habits that will be irreversible and unchanged for many years until death strikes. It also asks the questions: How does it feel to find yourself in a hole that wasn’t there before? (e.g., fear, anxiety, a new obligation). How does it feel when something invades your space? Habitus is one of the most influential concepts of French sociologist and anthropologist Pierre Bourdieu. It consists of hexis (the tendency to hold and use one’s body in a certain way, e.g. posture or speech accent) as well as more abstract mental habits, patterns of perception, classification, valuation, feeling, as well as action. These patterns are not just habits. They allow individuals to find new solutions without thoughtful deliberation, based on their inner feelings and intuition, which we believe are collectively and socially shaped. These attitudes, manners, tastes, moral intuitions, and habits affect an individual’s life chances, so that habitus is not only structured by an individual’s objective past position in the social environment, but also structures our future life path.

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The event is held with the financial support of the Banská Bystrica Self-Governing Region.

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