Touch of Alžbeta
10. November 2023
Premiere 22. a 23. 10. 2021


A retrospective look at the controversial and misunderstood subculture of punk, revitalizing its legacy in the face of today’s youth.

A cheeky and elemental work full of loud music, sweat, and dirty aesthetics set in surprising contexts.

The collision of music and dance with the common denominator of rebellion, by its nature, breaks down the boundaries between high and low art. The creators then produce an intense experience from their wreckage that travels deep inside each of us…

I didn’t burn your house down
I didn’t break your hearts
I never tried to steal your car
I wouldn’t know where to start

(Excerpt from Innocents / by John Cooper Clarke)

Running time: 110 min with intermission
Suitable for children aged 15 and over.

Artistic team

Zebas Méndez Marín
Theme, idea, choreography, direction, dramaturgy
Livi Balážová MM
Assistance of choreography, direction and dramaturgy
Janči Morávek / Music
Janko Čief / Lighting design
Ďuri PoliakScenography
Iva Macková / Costumes


Michaela Mirtová
Jason Yap
Tibor Trulik
Cindy Ng
Indira Chamalé
Diego Álvarez Sanóu


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The event is held with the financial support of the Banská Bystrica Self-Governing Region.

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