Štúdio tanca dance theatre is professional dance theatre functioning since 1998 in Banská Bystrica under guidance of Mgr. Zuzana Ďuricová Hájková. By its uniqueness of artistic focus theatre pioneers author production, that is respectful of artist’s creative expression and opinion. Continually supports the creation and regular performing of original dance production and by that brings current trends into the Slovak theatre art. Within this mission, it has premiered more than 47 performances, 5 dedicated to children and many outdoor dance projects so far. For 20 years it has performed 1203 performances, 324 of them as guest of different domestic and abroad scenes, in front of more than 112 000 spectators.

Since 2010, theatre is only founded subject in Slovakia that has had its own permanent scene.

As reaction on current social-political situation of period 2014-2017, Štúdio tanca dance theatre has become engaged in civil-minded activities. (During this period Banská Bystrica self-government region has become the tool to spread the hatred and doubting the need of art under its guidance of People’s Party Our Slovakia members). As strong opinion opponent it has turned against pseudonational and pseudocultural tendencies doubting the need of contemporary art.

Štúdio tanca dance theatre regularly performances its production on several domestic stages and in past represented Slovakia at prestigious international festivals in Czech republic, Poland, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, Egypt, Japan and India. Characteristic artistic attributes brought it many awards, therewithal the theatre is the prize-winner of Mayor of Banská Bystrica Award and Minister of Culture of Slovak republic Award.