Wonders of space

Wonders of space

premiere 6th of October 2004


story and choreography: Tomáš Nepšinský

music: Jozef Vlk

stage and costume design: Anita Szökeová

lights: Ján Čief

featuring: Denisa Benčaťová, Veronika Kulíšková, Tomáš Nepšinský, Michaela Nezvalová, Tibor Trulík and Zuzana Hájková


Alignment of shapes and feelings in space… Vibrations of body and soul, space within and around us…  Living the presence through a feeling we consciously or unconsciously find ourselves dwelling in… Space which can be perceived as something strange, with strange things happening… A human being – small in appearance but still great in fulfilment with life from inside, connected to metaphysical spheres… Space where another space and bodies can be found, forming ever new unknown possibilities for experiencing new atmosphere… Two parallel worlds in the same time and space, but each different, having its own charm and knowledge… Atmosphere of pulsating energy between the living space of the body and the motionless space of the stage…


“When we open our inner door, we can see everything: flowers, trees, smells and smiles surrounding us. We can experience a game which is not under our control; instead somebody plays with us, guides us and looks after us.  And in such a game, we can become anything. Then, no time and no exact definition of the space where we reside exists; we are simply part of everything.”