Various theories about the earth

The more we know, the less we understand.

Various theories about the earth

premiere the 3rd of October 2014

story and directing: Jakub Nvota
assistant: Zuzana Ďuricová Hájková
music: Martin Geišberg and LaBon
scene: Jaroslav Daubrava
costumes: Miroslav Daubrava
lights: Ján Čief
dance: artistic ensemble of Štúdio tanca dance theatre: Lenka Mičincová, Tibor Trulik, Julia Kannewischer, Jakub Jeňo, Maria Hernando Blasco 

Original dance performance attempts with some preview and humor to presents you some of today´s traditional diagnoses, diseases, or phobies, which are designated as civilizating, or typical for humanity at this time.  Burn out, anxiety, climate change, fear, neurosis- we know perfectly to decribe them, decompose, named and theoretical grap, or perhaps with such taste and often with inner joy, we fall into it. We support the information about what we could be. They became our food and replaced the literature, film, theatre and arts generally. Humanity collect informations about yourself and with the pleasure pack it into to package of possible apocalypse and destruction, which has almost as one is still able to provoke in us a feeling that we actually live.

Jakub Nvota (1977)
director, actor and artistic director of Túlavé divadlo

Jakub studied stage directory at Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava. In 2001 restored and still leads Túlavé divadlo as a artistic director and author. Also, he working with theatres in Slovakia, Czech republic and Poland. Often writes lyrics or preparing a dramatic edits. As an author, he collaborates with Slovak Radio. Last projects: S.Mrozek: Summer day (DAD Prešov), The Count of Monte Carlo (MD Zlín), remember to Paris (Studio L + S Ba), Hunchback (SDKs Nitra), Ant Ferda (DAB Nitra), Cafe Dostoyevsky (Stray Theatre). He lives in Zlin. For Divadlo Štúdio tanca/ Štúdio tanca dance theatre in 2010 created playful and humorous performance with touch of surrealism Foam of Days, under the novel by Boris Vian.