Vanity of vanities

Lord, You survey me, You know me. What have you find inside me? Have you find a fruit, that you seek or just leaves - sinner´s talk and vanities?

Vanity of vanities

Premiére: 9th and 10th December 2016


choreography / Zuzana Ďuricová Hájková

music / Matej Háasz

costumes / Marek Gašpar Šafárik

lights / Ján Čief

vocal corepetithor / Anna Ciganocová

animation / Monika Kováčová


premiére dance / Tibor Trulik, Lenka MičincováJulia Kannewischer, Michaela Mirtová

Filip Borecký


actual dance / Tibor Trulik, Lenka Rajchmanová, Michaela Mirtová and Filip Borecký, Michaela Nezvalová a.g.



featuring Silvia Belejová as Vanity




Sometimes, our effort is exposed to feeling of vanity. And when we leave ourselves to waft too long, it can happened that everything seems vain: roaming without utility.


We should admit negligibility of things – negligibility of property, relationships, success; but also negligibility of current state and specific period – it can, paradoxically, help us to get over hard times and achieve the distance.


But, it’s just the first step. Second one is a little bit harder – to find the moment of joy in every minute and every state again. Maybe that’s how we can hold necessary balance.


After every chaos, the peace and harmony come back again, and as we wish or not, there is no mystical creature or fate behind our scales, it’s all in our hands.




Zuzana Ďuricová Hájková


works as a choreographer, teacher and director of Štúdio tanca dance theatre. She studied choreography at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, followed by on art internship in the prestigious Ballet Company of Gyor in Hungary. After graduation she worked at the Dance Conservatory in Bratislava, artistically led a ensemble of modern dance Auriga and The Group of contemporary dance. As a choreographer collaborated with many theatres in Slovakia and also abroad (DAB Nitra, DJZ Prešov, BDnR Banska Bystrica, Klicper Theatre in Hradec Kralove, East Bohemian Theatre Pardubice, National Theatre Prague). Zuzana worked as a artistic head of ballet in the State Opera, as a founder and teacher of dance department on Conservatory of J.L. Bella in Banská Bystrica. Since 1998 she is a director of Študio tanca dance theatre, the professional dance theatre. Zuzana was awarded the first prize in the national Czechoslovak choreography competition for the project Stop, won the award for The Best Direction and Choreography for the performance New trees in me and in 2009 she received the main award at the DIV festival for the performance The closeness of estranged ones. During the 18 years of existence of theatre, she has created two dozens authorical projects, for example Satto- the wind dance, The Silent Desert, I have not written to you for so long, Salmons, The Nucleus and she became a prominent figure in developing the awareness of the contemporary dance in Slovakia.




Review of Vanity of vanities


“Colorful vanity!


It’s not a comedy, at least divine, as the Bible references in performance indicate, just like symbol of snake, that separate them in the first act. Like Purification, also Vanity comes with break and such as it’s ancestors is using spoken word enriched by surprisingly pitch singing of dancers’s three-voices. First act is more about dance and epic, shows us story of bullied Maxík (“are you going to practise karate or dance the balet?”) and other forms of vanity. Abdication of title is compensated by fresh music and visual colouring with details such as sparkles on dancer’s skin or special makeup. … New forces come with little bonus, for example in beautiful “vanity” movement  of Michaela Mirtová. Director Ďuricová Hájková can feel the disillusion of results of her tilting at windmills – victory doesn’t last forever. Her Vanity of vanities confirms, that her ideas and worries are able to be materialised into the theatre form, beside of not following trends and standing out the performative art of dancers throught her choreographic art. There is no vanity in it. “


Katarína Zagorski: Imagination is always one step ahead even of Kotleba.

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