Too Close To Return

Too Close To Return

premiere 12th of October 2011

choreography,  concept and adaptation of libretto: Katarína Mojžišová
music and original libretto: Karel von Kleist
scene and costumes: Erik Ivančík
multimedia stage design:  Machfeld (Sabine Maier/ Michael Mastrototaro)
lights: Ján Čief
dance: artistic ensemble of Štúdio tanca Dance Theatre

sound: Miroslav Palovič

stage: Ján Ďurica

realization of scene and costumes: Larisa Gombárová


Príliš blízko na návrat (Too Close To Return) is based on the music and original libretto of Karel von Kleist, a Dutch composer living in Ireland.  The composition is a soundscape that took him seven years to compose. The outcome was a ballet in ten scenes about the search of the soul.  

In the conception of Katarína Mojžišová, while preserving the theme, the original libretto has been adapted for the needs of audio-visual-physical media involved and choreographed as a postmodern ballet. The term postmodern here connects the composer’s original intent with the concept of using contemporary, multimedia means and inspirations for its expression.

The visual aspect consists of the set and costumes by Slovak set designer Erik Ivančík and the multimedia stage design by Austrian art duo Machfeld.  

The physical, bodily aspect are the six dancers of Štúdio Tanca – Denisa Benčaťová, Lenka Rajchmanová, Lucia Horváthová, Miroslava Peterská, Tibor Trulík and Michal Štefkovič. At a certain point, each of them embodies a character of a traveller…

The state of transition, of being on the journey, when there is a need to decide whether to go on or to return, is the recurring motive of the performance.   
In the course of this journey, the media concerned mutually invade, help, influence each other.

Ten scenes, six stops on a journey. No way back.  

Too Close To Return.

Supported by Banskobystrický samosprávny kraj (Self-Governing Region of Banská Bystrica), Ministerstvo kultúry Slovenskej republiky (Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic) and Rakúske kultúrne fórum (Österreichisches Kulturforum).