premiere 28th of October 2010

story and choreography: Tomáš Danielis
music: Martin Turčan alias Toni Granko
stage design and costumes: Katarína Holková
dance: artistic ensemble of Štúdio tanca Dance Theatre

photographer: Vladimír Veverka



The performance Skin has a specific place in the repertoire of Štúdio tanca theatre.  The author is interested in human body, its memory and in how we can be transferred through time to situations which we would either rather forget forever, or have never left.  The dancers reveal the mysterious past of the human body through understanding dance and its content as well as through connecting the body with emotions and their meanings.  


Tomáš Danielis impressed Štúdio tanca theatre with his dance solo Damnation which he performed at the festival 4 (+ 1) Days of Dance 4 You in 2009.  The follow-up cooperation with this renowned international artist and choreographer resulted in the creation of a new dance performance.


“My choreographic focus lies in perceiving dance as visual and dynamic art which can be communicated.  Working with the composition – by creating ‘fluid images’ and using a wide movement scale of dance – I tried to suppress the initial meanings and emotions, and open the possibilities for communicating the dance through a complex of associations.  With their help, the viewers can then interpret these ‘images’ based on their own internal experiences. My intention is not to use the dancers or other components of the performance to dramatically retell – interpret – any feelings, or to tell people what they should feel and how they should think.  For, if the dance is physically strenuous, it has an impact on the viewer’s body as well.  The viewer physically feels the things seen on the stage and if the images in the performance are strong, the viewer’s body responds to them.  Due to this physical perception, memories of their own situations arise in the viewers, enriched by a strong emotional experience.  The performance gradually reaches its peak – a deeply intimate experience of encountering one’s inner self.” (Tomáš Danielis, choreographer)