Shepherd of the wolves

Story about friendship, understanding and freedom that defeat the fear. About connection with nature and natural in us. About desire of soul and body to be unchained.

Shepherd of the wolves

Premiere: 31st March 2017 and 1st April 2017

Director/choreographer: Zuzana Ďuricová Hájková
Assistant of choreographer: Tibor Trulik
animation / Monika Kováčová
music / Matej Háasz
costumes / Marek Gašpar Šafárik
light / Ján Čief

Cast: Lenka Mičincová, Tibor Trulik, Luca Tomao, Isabel Paladin, Michaela Mirtová and Mia Miklošová or Eliška Šebestová a.g.


“Today, I’m going to tell you a story. Story, that I heard from villagers. They told me about this girl, who is called the Shepardess of wolves. She wanders thru the country with pack of wild wolves. Sometimes she is seen how she runs over the meadow with them. Another time how she turns around with wolves, laughing, in circle dance on river bank. Sometimes she sits on the top of the hill quietly and watches the sunset. Wolves sitting at her feet or  on grass in silence. Wind playing with her open hair. It looks like she is waiting for someone and then, fast as on the wings of wind, they disappear in the deep woods. (O. Šuk and Z. Šuková: About Little red riding hood dancing with wolves.


About Shepardess of wolves

Have you ever heard of the fairytale about Little red riding hood? Certainly. And do you know that the name of Little red riding hood was just a nickname? How could be girl with red riding hood named in real? Our girl is named Lina. And do you know what is she like? Sundry. Curious speculator, timid and brave, larky and “non-larky”, when she is sad, she definitely cries, and when is she happy, she definitely smiles. Just like every child. One day she gets into the mysterious woods, where someone is waiting for her for very long time. She has four legs, grey fur, long fluffy tail, big white teeth and her name is Aúúúna. She is a she wolf. Try to say her name aloud: Aúúúna… (Note for foreigners: works with Hooowl)
But this she wolf doesn’t make SNATCH and YUM just like they teach us since childhood. Together with other wolves she introduces Lina to Woods, Sun, Wind and Earth. With the world that we can see but also with the things we just feel. Even in our woods you need to walk quietly and perceive everything around us. Hush! Don’t scare our fairytale…



Naturalness. Doggedness. Bravery to explore.

These has been requested at the choice of children into the our new performance Shepardess of wolves. Mia and Eliška came into the theatre on dance classes when they were only 3 years old and they began to explore dance. Their interest is the source of their progress. Pointing out on their naturalness we can see it in their dance expression. Their will to explore the dance continues, so they can progress to more complicated movements, just like those in new performance. The most beautiful quality of them is their joy, that we couldn’t sate during the creative process of our fairytale. – By the words of Lenka Rajchmanová, dancer and supporting member for working with kids in Sheppardes of wolves and lector of both girls in Physical education for younger kids in Divadlo Šútdio tanca / Studio tanca dance theatre since beginning.


Zuzana Ďuricová Hájková

works as a choreographer, teacher and director of Študio tanca dance theatre. She studied choreography at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, followed by on art internship in the prestigious Ballet Company of Gyor in Hungary. After graduation she worked at the Dance Conservatory in Bratislava, artistically led a ensemble of modern dance Auriga and The Group of contemporary dance. As a choreographer collaborated with many theatres in Slovakia and also abroad (DAB Nitra, DJZ Prešov, BDnR Banska Bystrica, Klicper Theatre in Hradec Kralove, East Bohemian Theatre Pardubice, National Theatre Prague). Zuzana worked as a artistic head of ballet in the State Opera, as a founder and teacher of dance department on Conservatory of J.L. Bella in Banska Bystrica. Since 1998 she is a director of Štúdio tanca dance theatre, the professional dance theatre. Zuzana was awarded the first prize in the national Czechoslovak choreography competition for the project Stop, won the award for The Best Direction and Choreography for the performance New trees in me and in 2009 she received the main award at the DIV festival for the performance The closeness of estranged ones. During the 18 years of existence of theatre, she has created two dozens authorial projects, for example Satto- the wind dance, The Silent Desert, I have not written to you for so long, Salmons, The Nucleus, Purification, Vanity of vanities and she became a prominent figure in developing the awareness of the contemporary dance in Slovakia.


Tibor Trulik

In Štúdio tanca dance theatre works as a professional dancer, teacher, choreographer and leads
the contemporary dance classes for adults. He used his choreographic skills in a various dance
projects with children, such as the project KNOT (2006), the dance fairy tales ABOUT THE
SISTER SEIZED BY DRAGON (2008) and THE TREES (2011).  Later he prepared and worked with his own projects of contemporary dance – solo AWFUL HOME, his first full-length choreographic piece THE TOWER OF BABEL (2013) and later ANDROGEN (2015). Thanks to long term theatre cooperation with various institutions focused on work with children, he regularly come into the contact with children ´s audience, which give him ability to draw inspiration. Experience gained by leadership of workshops, projects as a Dance in the desk, Touch the dance, participating in the preparation of performance Where hand, there leg, he has translated into choreographic assistance, which enrich the piece Shepardess of wolves with his own point of view.