premiere the 16th of October 2012

choreography: Zuzana Hájková
dramaturgy: Uršuľa Ferenčuková
music: Adrián Demoč
scene and costumes: Marek Gašpar Šafárik
lights: Ján Čief
photographer: Jakub Čajko

dance: artistic ensemble of Štúdio tanca Dance Theatre 



The salmons and all those who stretch upstream.  A magical journey through the depths and shoals of life.

The salmons upstream stretch a thousands of kilometers. Stretch from the ocean back to his native river. On this journey encourages them infallible instinct, desire and stored hidden deep within them. During this incredible journey overcoming obstacles of all kinds and many natural and civilization barriers.


In a rare moments of life we are with them..slivers are brightness on our body and something inside convise us to fllig and stretch.


The director and choreographer Zuzana Hájková, in shore the river, in the city where she lives, a moments close her eyes and in the brightness surface caught sight of reflection of salmons. There were hundred of them in orange-red color. She immerses for them and when she come back, she carried a story.


The life is passes and sometimes are moments, when we feel a challenge stretch upstream. The challenge find a courage, other opinion, immovableness. Stretch upstream also in yourself, finding out, that the longest way is the way to our within. As a salmons return to the place of birth to ensure the continuation of his family, so we may stretch a stream of time back to the yours essence.  To the country which we are come from. It is the way, where we lose the bright coloration, changing the appearance , the risk of jury, the braking of afraid, which increasing with obstacles. Nevertheless it is the way, we knows about this that it is necessary. The way of salmons and salmon´s people.