premiere 12th and 13th of October 2001


choreography: Marta Poláková

music: Jozef Vlk

scene & costumes: Alena Agricolová, Anita Szökeová

lights: Robert Polák


… thin walls, dividing the intimacy of lives, can(not) protect from desire (to get to know, love, understand, help…


Rooms is a dance performance project with a strong emphasis on the acting of dancers.


The composition of the performance is focused on creating a time-space mosaic of the life of six characters: three women and three men.  The space of the stage is divided into four independent areas – as if they were rooms, an arrangement which shows how people living in big residential areas of a town typically live, as they experience the imperfect anonymity of small flats where they face their painful solitude.  The simultaneous sequence of stories is used in order to show the overlapping lives of people who could get to know each other, if only they dared to step out of their “rooms”.  The lives of the characters, living in separate rooms, seem to be unrelated at first sight; however, the techniques similar to those used in film, such as time warps and slowing down or speeding up events, help to reveal the mutual links among them.

“… thin walls, dividing the intimacy of lives, can(not) protect from desire (to get to know, love, understand, help…)…”


Štúdio tanca theatre has performed Rooms in several Slovak towns, including Piešťany, Tornaľa, Martin and Žilina.


At the International Festival TANEC PRAHA (Dance Prague) 2002, held in the Ponec Theatre, the performance Rooms literally excelled among the famous international troupes, such as the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan, Odile Duboc from France and Conny Janssen Danst from Holland.



“…This performance offers a number of moments (more than other dance performances) in which we can see ourselves. And that is all I wanted to, or could, say.  For all those who want to know what is happening at their neighbours’ or only in the room next door: ‘Go to see the performance ROOMS!’” (I. Musil, magazine Tanec na dosah/Dance at Reach)

“…The true theatre magicians make us see things that really exist, although we neither see nor hear them…” (Z. Uličianska, magazine Tanec)