Neverending dance

External production created especially for event Dni mesta Banská Bystrica - opening of Culture summer 2017

Neverending dance

Premiere 16th June 2017

choreography/ Tibor Trulik

dance/ Tibor Trulik, Lenka Mičincová, Michaela Mirtová and kids from Physical education for younger kids of Divadlo Studio tanca under guidance of Lenka Mičincová: Klára Stebilová, Timea Godžáková, Anna Oravcová, Eva Sojková, Lucia Danihelová, Eliška Šebestová

Every human mind consist of coded space pattern. It is up to him which way he is using it. Some people abuse it negatively and this is how relationship wars are born. What about other generations? Are they slaves and tools of our set system or are they truly free…? They still have their own space pattern. And it is up to us if they are descendents of peace or war.

Neverending dance is not classic dance performance. It has external shape, that has it’s own specifications. It is “aberration” from theatre space, that allows to try brand different principle of contact with people. Neverending dance is more free form with specific choreography that allows to join other participants. In case of premiere at event Dni mesta 2017 it were them who refreshed out team.