How do we define our inner daemons?
What is their role in our emotional body?


premiere 16th and 17th February 2018

choreography Peter Mika
assistant of choreographer Claire Pernette
music Peter Zagar
lights Ján Čief

premiere cast Tibor Trulik, Lenka Mičincová, Michaela Mirtová, Isabel Paladin, Luca Tomao, Micheala Hulvejová, Matej Kubuš

Intimate life experience of choreographer and his close friend, man of many faces who has always been in the centre of attention and full of liking to implement various ideas, transformed into the physically difficult and attractive dance manifestation.


Creation is process, way, by which I try to understand myself and my relationship to surrounding space. I have always felt the need to depict inner self the way spectator considers interesting and leads him to reflection in the same time. Reflection about what is missing, what he/she desires.…

What is precious to us, because we have lost it or desired because it is in the forseeable. How much do we care about. I think that depth of this feeling, his intensity and exigence is exactely the space where "Ghost" is getting alive.

Ghost means phantom, illusion, intangible creature,….

In case of my own self-knowledge I realise that Ghost has many shapes and it’s up to me if I can unmask him and understand hidden truth.

                                                                                words of choreographer


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