Forbidden places

Dance piece in one part

Forbidden places

premiere 4th of December 1998

State Opera Banská Bystrica


story and choreography: Zuzana Hájková

music: Pierre Michaud

scene and costumes: Aleš Votava

lights: Róbert Polák

dance: Renáta Bubniaková, Milan Herich, Peter Jaško,

Lucia Kašiarová, Tomáš Nepšinský, Daniel Raček,

Stanislava Vlčeková



The stage is empty and deserted, it reminds us of a place forgotten by the  rest of the world, a warehouse of unnecessary things… books. It is the last page averted from the outside world, somewhere far off, in the back. It is a silent place that is disturbed once in a while by some lost a long time. Maybe it is the time when books are not meant to be read anymore, but when touched be hands, they come alive again and uncover their profound secrets.