Double evening

Double evening

premiere 27th and 28th of Februar 2004




choreography: Zuzana Kozánková

music: Jozef Vlk

stage design, costumes: Eva Rácová


About clipped wings, tied hands, dictated rules, dusty love for ourselves and others, and about looking for ways to live full lives…

Why is it that certain relationships can function and others not?  We do not have a clear answer, for it probably does not exist.  We only know that fear, dependence and egoism hinder us from going beyond our own limits; they hinder our ability to surrender to love.  It is very difficult to immerse oneself in love without the fear of drowning.  It is hard to find love for ourselves.

Where does our inner fear come from?  Where are the roots of our dependence?  Why is our ego so expanded that it can harm those who love us and are the closest to us?  It appears that it all begins long before we are born. And we unconsciously, bound by the cycle of woes, continue walking the same prickly and painful path.  We are not aware of the fact that we are the ones who have the right to change it, that we are the ones who can “de-prickle” the path, however difficult it may be.





Choreography: Katarína Mojžišová

Music: Sam Alty (GB/NZ)

Stage and costume design: Eva Rácová


“The Fate is bored, looking for entertainment.  Therefore, it sends a Boy to travel a Path.  At the same time, it sends the Temptation to cross his Path.  The Boy succumbs to the Temptation, departs from his Path and it is now when the Judge appears.  The Judge challenges the Boy to take part in a Game.  The Boy loses both the Game and his Path.  The victory, however, destroys the Judge and the Temptation.  The Boy resumes his Path.  It leads him to Fate.”

Four archetypal characters appear in the performance: Boy, Fate, Temptation and Judge.  They go through the story, the rules of which are given by the need of the characters to fulfil their predetermined tasks.


Predetermination, the need to fulfil a mission, fight and victory all give a magical, fairy-tale dimension to the story…



The project was financially supported by the British Council