Closeness of the estranged ones

Closeness of the estranged ones

premiere 1st of December 2007


story and choreography: Zuzana Hájková

music: Juraj Haško

costumes: Larisa Gombárová

lights: Ján Čief

staging technology: Norbert Nečada

featuring: Denisa Benčaťová, Michaela Nezvalová, Tibor Trulík, Martina Beňačková, Petra Péterová


Closeness of the estranged ones is about things which cannot be captured by common human senses.  But they are here: they are present, sometimes very close, so we can even feel them on our skin, sometimes they radiate from infinity.  And although we can only feel them, they interfere with our lives.  They are watching us, waiting for our “call”.


White and black. Yin and Yang.  Good and evil.  Unity and the eternal fight.  They are here, although we do not see them.  The power of demons and angels.  We feel them because they keep touching us.  Although this touch is not physical, we can sense it.  Maybe they are floating around us at this very moment and things look serious: they would both want to interfere.

…The Angel and the Demon seem to be in balance.  They take equal space and time for movement.  Things flow in sequence, case by case, woman by woman; by each of them, both the Angel and Demon reveal their power.  However, their “operations” are not in balance. The demon’s dance is more passionate and expressive…The demon seems to be more decisive in its action than the Angel.  The Angel is delicate; its movement is like balsam on wounds and scarves, but as if it were not able to explode and flood the stage with its love as the Demon does with its hatred…

From review by Jana Kadlecová,


Technical assistance: Norbert Nečada


In addition to the home stage in Banská Bystrica, the Closeness of the estranged ones was performed in:

Theatre Ponec, Festival Hybajho, Prague, CR 

Theatre of the European Culture Centre, Festival Four (+1) days of dance for you, Banská Bystrica, SR

For this performance, Štúdio tanca theatre was awarded the title “King of Inspiration 2008” at the festival DIV in Trnava, SR.