premiéra 12th and 13th of April 2002


choreografy: Zuzana Hájková

music: Peter Zagar

costumes: Pavol Andraško

lights: Ján Čief


Checkmate is a performance about life; about life which does not end here on Earth, but comes from somewhere and then again continues flowing away, as if joining other existences…

The game of chess abides by exact rules and is played on a board of precisely outlined black-and-white squares.  However, prehistoric chess was played on a board with yellow, green and red squares.  In life, we also willy-nilly adopt certain rules, although frequently within the limits of a black-and-white vision…

A woman walks upon our chessboard.  She is not afraid of living and immersing herself deep in her own dreams, occasionally breaking the rules of the game.  The squares of the chessboard can be turned about.  The woman plays around with them, which makes her to become a part of her deepest dreams. Her inner experiences keep departing further and further away from “reality”…


When the squares are finally laid in order upon the chessboard, the woman understands that none of the squares on her way through life is only black or white.  It is quite the contrary; for in real life, the squares have many different colours, tones and concealed meanings…

The dance performance Checkmate was very well received by audiences both at home and abroad.  Štúdio tanca theatre performed it with great success at the Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre in Egypt.



“…Since its foundation, Štúdio tanca theatre from Banská Bystrica has been moving on the edge of avant-garde theatre.  Due to systematic work and owing to financial support from the regional state office, the theatre has been significantly influencing the entire dance culture in Slovakia in the last few years.  It has thus contributed to overcoming the long stagnation which dance culture had suffered before 1990.”


“…Along with the choreography, the reflective but clearly ‘dance’ music by Peter Zagar has a deep impact on the performance… The movement dictionary of Zuzana Hájková is very specific, impressive and technically extremely difficult…”