Black tomcat

It is better to experience horror in theatre than in reality!

Black tomcat

premiere 11th and 12th of March 2005


director: Michal Náhlík

dramaturgy: Róbert Mankovecký

choreography: Zuzana Hájková

music: Peter Machajdík

stage design and costumes: Lenka Kadlečíková

lights: Ján Čief

performed: Dominik Zaprihač, Tomáš Nepšinský, Denisa Benčaťová, Veronika Kulíšková, Tibor Trulík, Michaela Nezvalová a Zuzana Hájková



The performance is a unique presentation of the story by Edgar Allan Poe, American writer of literary romanticism, who was the master of fantasy and mysticism in literature.


How big (or small) is the distance between love and madness, empathy and hatred?  How can people gradually lose their moral inhibitions…and how do they harm the most those whom they love the most…A parallel to the grotesque mosaic of violence and insensitivity, which surrounds us and which is nourished by media and our own indifference… All this can be found in the horror story which reveals various forms of evil, being again just human…


Reviews on Black tomcat


“Composers work with moods and contrasts, and with human voice, they play with a number of unworn tunes, combining all this into, literally, theatrical-dance music.”  “… Black Tomcat has proven that individual theatre genres and procedures, in this case of both verbal and non-verbal theatre, can complement each other and overlap in a productive way.” (Oleg Dlouhý, Domino fórum 12/2005)