On the ecology of soul


premiere 18th of October 2009


choreografy: Zuzana Hájková

music: Adrián Demoč

costumes: Larisa Gombárová

lights: Ján Čief

dance: artistic ensemble of Štúdio tanca Dance Theatre


photographer: Miroslava Majorošová


Based on her long-term experience, Zuzana Hájková makes use of the potential of individual dancers in this performance, since she is deeply confident about their ability to dance the best here and now.  The performance is a series of partially or totally improvised solos with a powerful emotional message, expressing fear, nakedness, discontent, seriousness, emptiness, strength, support, love, and the like.  Seven solo appearances are interrupted by humorous intermezzos which are like relaxing counterparts to the solos and give the viewer a chance to take a symbolic breath before another solo appears on the stage.  Each dancer is characterised by colour, emotion and a kind of vegetable.  Each viewer can feel and “taste” this mixed bio-salad in their very individual way.  Through a personalised dance approach, the dancers are inviting us to discover the ecology of the soul.  In contrast with popular and modern expressions using the “BIO” attribute, Zuzana Hájková uses her choreography to highlight the human body as the most perfect and purest bio-product.


I was created in the image of the most perfect harmony…but then somehow got gradually spoiled and ceased functioning. Cracks appeared in my soul and so did rotting, defects, assorted horrors, assorted rusts.


And now I am like a squashed, stinking and dripping sandy-tasting tomato like a shrivelled aubergine, rotten inside

like a rotten potato

like a soft slimy radish

like a dry and shrunken lettuce

like a soaked and slick onion

What good fortune that I learnt, I read and I heard that


I am not supposed to succumb to stress; I do not have to surrender to early aging, corrosion and deterioration; I can work on my body, its beauty and perfection, strive for the balance of my mind, and it is enough if I begin to eat healthy food, get  enough sleep, avoid negative situations, think positively, set my life priorities, surround myself with the right people…


and again I shall radiate in harmony and perfection

like a red and juicy tomato ready to be savoured

like a shiny, smooth and round aubergine

like a round and robust potato

like a delicate and crispy radish

like a fresh lettuce

like a solid and juicy onion