Another morning

Another morning

premiere 18th of October 2008


choreography: Pierre Nadaud

assistant choreografy: Zdenka Brungot Svíteková

lights: Ján Čief, Jan Beneš McGadie

music: Ladislav Železný

featuring: Martina Beňačková, Denisa Benčaťová, Michaela Nezvalová, Petra Péterová, Tibor Trulík


…deep in sleep, maybe she fell asleep in the cold armour of this morning…


The warring night stands against the absence of mind and loneliness.  The night which can teach a lot before the dawn of a new day…


A dance novel about the life of four women. The dance evolves in the space inspired by martial arts, in the space of revelation and truth.  Physical and sensual dance immerses itself into the depth of bodies and brings their stories to the surface.  The atmosphere of the performance bears the tone of a Japanese theatre.  The faces appear as masques.  The dancers look for true gestures.  The speed of lightning alternates with sculpted immobility.”


One of the sources of inspiration is Margeurite Yourcenar’s preface to the book “Five Modern Noh Plays” by Youkio Mishimu.  Among other things, Yourcenar writes here about Noh and its atmosphere: “In the world of alternating shapes, where everything floats, passion and sorrow have the transience of a dream.”


“A dance performance built as a sequence of interchanging peaceful and aggressive moments.”


Selection of reviews:

“Pierre Naddaud managed to create a mysterious, even slightly spooky and ominous atmosphere. A considerable proportion of it is the music which only from time to time and decently adds to the mood of situations; but it is first of all the lights of intimate nature that are the most significant, revealing mostly only what is necessary, all in compliance with the timing of movements. The dancers have shown a great deal of inner potential; an artwork like this requires unthinkable internal concentration.


Another morning managed to arise tension in the viewers, which cannot be released throughout the entire performance.”


Daniela Zilvarová, magazine Taneční actuality/Dance News


“Another morning is plain.  The stage is clean – there is nothing there, nothing at all, except for the light which outlines the space for five dancers (four women and one man).  Even the music is only occasional; movements are focused, no big gestures, no fancy dance jumps or pirouettes, only the pureness of morning.

This time Nadaud brought into the dance a touch of the Japanese theatre Nó which is still quite exotic for East Europeans. From dark kimonos on the dark background, faces, palms and feet come forward as if separate things.  The pale faces with no expression look like masques. The music does not pull the story; it is only heard as if an echo from some other worlds.  The movement is elegant, modest for drama; it is not used as we may be accustomed to see in European dance performances. It is poetic and soft; no clear messages about life.  That is why the dance novel about four women, Another morning, requires an extra dosage of concentration; its poetry is as delicate as the Japanese haiku.

The dancers dive into relationships as suddenly as dusk turns into dark; contact improvisations lead them along this path. There are moments when they are quiet, even harmonic, suddenly changing to being terribly aggressive.  At times, they are constantly falling and rising, and then remain motionless as beautiful sculptures.

„This all moves in the direction toward which Nadaud started walking long ago – in the direction of scrutinising the human body, its heaviness but also airiness, its individual nature but also its dependence on other human bodies.  Bodies as borders crashing into other bodies, bodies as opportunities, bodies as trails and bridges, which need to be walked carefully, bodies as sounds and desperate screams, bodies as force majeure that it is worthless fighting.  The bodies in Another morning often seem to be exhausted; exhausted by staring into the distance, somewhere very high, where maybe the rest of the answer or hope is dwelling…

Jana Kadlecová, IS