Aina for 5 singles

„...I walk the streets and see only singles, singles on their own, singles in groups, singles in couples…”

Aina for 5 singles

premiere 4th and 5th of April 2003


story: Milan Kozánek, Martin Kubran

dramaturgy: Martin Kubran

choreography: Milan Kozánek

music: Pavol Šuška

costumes: Tomáš Ciller

lights: Ján Čief



“The life in our towns and cities develops dynamically and we are given ever more options how we want to live it. Aina is a dance performance “about five young people living in a town, which could be Banská Bystrica. They are on their own, independent. They have relationships but do not go beyond a certain border.  And they would like to try it, but… they are single.”


The choreographer uses the topic and the story in order to address young people, even those who have come to watch a theatre dance performance for the first time.  In the search for means of expression, he is not striving for absolute purity of movement and dance. Today there are a number of ways for young people to express themselves through dance outside of a theatre – and this was the choreographer’s inspiration.

Aina was performed at the 7th festival Bratislava v pohybe (Bratislava in Movement) and at the International Festival of Independent Theatres in Košice.



„…Milan Kozánek again presented himself with an original choreography… Owing to his perfect knowledge of contemporary dance techniques, mainly contact improvisation, he created compact and pure-in-styles variations, solos and duets. Aina is Milan Kozánek’s second project with Štúdio tanca theatre, the only professional contemporary dance troupe in Slovakia. Behind his stories of one night, days of quality work on rehearsals, search for unknown territories…can be traced…” (Eva Gajdošová, daily Pravda)