By means of three 20-minute works, the project 3×20 presents a creation of notable Slovak choreographers. The project is a part of the 20th anniversary celebration of the Štúdio tanca dance theater. The exceptionally up to date themes and inspirations of the choreographers deliver a considerable experience to the theater and enable the viewer to look into the choreographer’s personality in the context of his idea.


Right angle
choreography_Tibor Trulik
hudba_Adam Mičinec
interpretation_ Lenka Mičincová, Michaela Mirtová, Luca Tomao, Isabel Paladin, Michaela Hulvejová, Matej Kubuš

An outstanding dancer, a long-time member of the theatre artistic ensemble, a pedagogue and choreographer Tibor Trulik says that the right angle can only be seen from the top, from perspective. But watching is still not sufficient. It is needed to see and recognize that the same thing or situation can be perceived in different ways. This changes our mindset, offers new possibilities  and at the same time we begin to understand till now the hardly understandable facts. The choreographer’s emphasis is placed on the social attitude, as well as the generally known lethargic attitude or the look at the future of our society. Physical-dance actions bring an angle of perspective to a couple, men and women, the point of view to groups towards groups. Incorrect angles of sight hinder us in perspective and imprison our free, curious human nature. The right angle leaves a trace in us. It is symbolized by a curve and a dot. 🙂

4 heads
choreography_ Andrej Petrovič
music_ Marcel Bárta, music cooperation_Viliam Dočolomanský
interpretation_Tibor Trulik, Lenka Mičincová, Luca Tomao, Isabel Paladin

Andrej Petrovič is a dancer and choreographer also known abroad. He was a member of the Akram Khan company in London, where he worked as a dancer and assistant choreographer. His work 4-heads is inspired by a renowned artist Hieronym Boshom, who is not a classic representative of the Renaissance; this artist deviates from traditional iconography and inspires later artistic innovations. His paintings describe the joy of senses and human sins. The souls on the earth has been poisoned by sin, but what if just through the sin they can get to heaven? The symbols and cues of Hieronym Bosh´s work do not limit choreoghrapher´s means of expression, on the contrary – they serve as a source of inexhaustibility of the fantasy images. 4 heads conscientiously document abstraction and sophisticatedly amplify ideas pointing to the absurd world, in which there is a garden of pleasure, heaven and hell…

choreography_Lukáš Homola
dramaturgy, music_Jakub Mudrák
interpretation_Tibor Trulik, Michaela Mirtová, Michaela Hulvejový, Matej Kubuš

Dancer and choreographer Lukáš Homola is active in Slovakia as well as in Czech Republic. He is one of the founding members of Tri4 civic association, with whom he creates dance performances. Ex is a mathematical exponential function. Its graphical representation is a rising curve that is growing steadily. The perfect symbol of the industrial production acceleration of the last decades, which, however, brings environmental risks and is in contradiction with the natural slowness of biological evolution. How it might look if this phenomenon:
– will not end?
– will keep growing constantly?
– and maybe never end?

“… Own opinion, creative background, excellent self-expression and professional talent – this is how we might characterize the production of three choreographers who, under the title 3×20, introduced an artistic self-reflection coded in three twenty-minute intervals in Studio tanca in Banská Bystrica.
… In addition to the twentieth anniversary of their dancing, there is something to celebrate in Studio tanca theater. It is the work of three choreographers who took on one theme: the present. It takes place in dance creations which take on the form of relationships, efforts of socio-social inclusion and originality … ”
Dáša Škařupová: Three dance self-reflections premieres in Studio tanca. Denník Pravda 24.4. 2018 ttps: //kultura.pravda.sk/divadlo/clanok/467286-tri-tanecne-sebareflexie-premierovo-v-studiu-tanca/